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Inkjet Ultra Cling Clear Film Media.
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Weight 0.75 lbs
Size 8.5" x 11"
Color White
Adhesive Permanent
Quantity 10 Sheets
Finish Matte
Thickness 2.4 MIL
Outdoor Life < 3 years
Ink Type Dye, Pigment,
Tools Needed N/A
Liner 90#
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Inkjet Ultra Cling Clear Film Media.

This decal media is a clear (transparent) vinyl film with a ultra removable adhesive. Thus the name Inkjet Ultra Cling Clear Film Media.
The ultra cling differs from the static cling in the way that the ultra cling has a coating similar to adhesive (Ultra removable micro sphere coating) where as static cling, has no adhesive but clings to certain substrates using no adhesive or "tacky" coating.

This decal media can be used wherever you would use static cling but where the static cling may fall off due to item not being smooth as glass or if it is curved. Static cling will only cling to glass and painted glossy finish metal. But this ultra cling will cling to wider variety of substrates. Keep in mind though that ultra cling also has it's limitations such as it may not work on wallpaper and textured interior wall. It may fall off such substrates after certain time. As with all production material used for commercial application you must make test to determine that this or any of our media will perform to your expectations using you tools and method of application.
The ultra cling can be used where static cling will simply not work. Static cling will only cling to glass and some glossy painted metal substrates. The ultra cling will however adhere to wider variety of substrates.
When using clear or transparent media. Remember clear or transparent media will not show images correctly on dark substrate. In other words Logo or item that had white color will show the color of the substrate. In other words if decal design with white color areas is placed on dark color for example dark blue substrate the that color (the dark blue) will take the place of the white color. Therefore the clear ultra cling is only recommended on white color substrates. It may also work well on light colored items.
For dark Substrates, use the white color Inkjet Ultra Cling. The ultra cling comes on white 90# liner.

This media is made in the USA and coated with inkjet receptive coating by HPS LLC in Texas.

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