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Laser Water Slide Decal Paper.

Laser Printable Water Decal Paper. (Water slide decal)


Waterslide decal paper.
For Laser Printers
NOT for use in newer, high heat, color desktop laser printers.

See our PAS/Z media for newer HP laser printer

hyaz.com logo decal paper.

Papilio Aqua Slide

NEW in 2008 PAS/K Laser water Slide decal paper.

Water decal paper for color laser printers.

The Original PAS/4 Aqua Slide Decal Paper

The photo above showing our old logo and water slide decals applied on ceramic items is from 1995 and we still make the original PAS-4 now in 2013.

01/19/2016 06:50:58 AM

New in February 2008 PAS/K Laser water slide decal paper. made in USA. Work in HP3600, OKI3400, OKI9600, and most other new color laser printer.
Unless you have purchased paper directly from up -- you have NOT tried this formula. Our PAS/4 decal film is both stronger and more glossy than other similar products on the market.


Please note: As of March 25th 2011 we have several different type of laser water slide decal paper types.


For the complete list of our laser water slide decal paper go to our e-commerce website.

Media specifications


Pre-coated Decal Paper

Size 8.5" X 11"
Printers Dry Resin, Color Laser* Copiers*
Color Clear, Transparent
thickness Film .0015"  .0012mm  +/- .0002mm
Adhesive Water based / gelatin
Outdoor Life 3 Years with the use of a liquid urethane
Instructions Included (Click Here for PDF Document)
Items needed Water & a Rubber Decal Squeegee
Note: NOT for use in inkjet printers or newer model HP laser printers.

To Order:

To order online, please go to our new e-commerce website http://www.texascraft.com/hps/

Using the link above will take you to our e-commerce website where you can make additional selections, or order larger quantities at discount prices and finish the checkout process.


Coor laser water slide decal paper.


 10 Sheet Pack 8.5" X 11" Item#:PAS48511G
Order in Bulk: 100 Sheets 8.5" X 11" Item#:PAS48511KH

Don't forget to order your decal squeegee

Rubber Decal Squeegee

Note: this water decal paper is ready to use out of the package. It is a water-slide transfer paper that is pre-coated with a state of the art clear decal material that is soft yet strong.

this media is specially made for thermal Wax color printers such as ALPS printers. Many of our customers have reported success using this media in office copiers and some laser printers. Please see the precautions at the end of this page or in the header of this page about using this or any specialty media in your laser printer.

Use this decal paper to place images on: wood, glass, metal, ceramic/porcelain, CD's, even the mouse you have in your hand as you read this. And that's just the beginning. Our customers are constantly surprising us with the creative uses they come up with for our decal paper. Such as adding photos or artwork to wax candles. 

we recently received an e-mail from a customer who places custom wedding photos and artwork onto large pillar candles. She let us know that our decal paper has helped to move her small business in a new and more profitable direction.

Another customer let us know he has been using our decal paper to transfer images of cartoon characters onto custom built wooden furniture for children.

the possibilities are endless. Let our paper and your imagination work together to create a new and exciting product or idea.

this paper is NOT compatible with ink jet printers. For water-slide decal paper for inkjet printers take a look at our Inkjet water-slide decal paper and our White water-slide inkjet paper

*this paper may be used in most late model personal office copiers and laser printers.   However, we do not recommend that.  If you are looking  for Decal paper to use in laser printers and copiers, we recommend our Papilio Perga Flat Paper or for newer, higher heat, color laser printers we recommend our PAS/Z media.

Using Papilio Aqua Slide Paper.


Instructions updated: May 21st 2010

Print a mirror image onto the PAS paper using your ALPS printer or late model personal copier or laser printer. Test your design on plain paper first to prevent media waste.

Cut out the decal with scissors and dip it in warm water. the paper will curl up, then straighten out again.

Place the paper on the surface face down so that the film is touching what you wish to decorate and the paper is facing up. Slide the paper away leaving the film behind. Now use a decal squeegee to remove any air bubbles, and let dry.

After drying you can use our liquid laminating spray to offer UV protection and improved adhesion to the substrate. 

It is important to remember that the decal film is clear, and not white. Any white in your image/text must be provided by using a white paint or applying the decal to a white substrate.

Ceramic Plates: Our PAS media is NOT intended for firing. Ceramic plates decorated with PAS decals make beautiful wall hangings but are not suitable for food bearing.

Porcelain/Ceramic Mugs: PAS decals look great on ceramic mugs. It is important to note however that mugs decorated with PAS decals should be washed carefully with a non abrasive soap and are not dishwasher safe.

Wax Candles:  Applying decals to wax candles is easy. Simply apply the decal to the candle as you would to any other substrate. Heating the decal with a hair dryer may help if adhesion is an issue due to the wax of the candle.

Wood and general Applications: we recommend that you only apply decals to finished or painted wood. the process is the same with metal and all other painted substrates.

You can experiment with placing a decal on an item before the paint is fully dry if using an oil enamel based paint. When the paint is dry to the touch, but not fully cured apply the decal then your clear coat if desired. the water used to apply the decal should not harm the oil enamel paint. Oil enamel usually takes 24 hours to fully dry, we suggest applying the decal after 8 hours, but this can vary greatly depending on humidity, temperature, and other factors. Use this technique to finish your items with very durable decals.

If you don't put the decal face down, the Alps ink (the ribbon resin) will not be protected and when finishing with clear coat you will run into compatibility problems, as the Alps ink will not accept just any solvent-based clear coat.

we has been making Laser water-slide decal paper for a wide variety of laser printers since 1995.

Our newer version of the laser water slide decal paper can still be used in the older laser printers as well as newer laser printers that fuse the toner using higher heat.

Our PAS4 is a water slide decal paper specially coated to work in a wide range of color laser printers, and some black only laser printers. Water slide decal paper allows for the creation of very thin clear decals, which give more of the appearance of being painted on, than of being adhered to the surface of the item. we have long offered an Inkjet Clear Decal Paper, but our PAS4 laser decal paper allows the step of sealing the ink to the film with a aerosol or liquid fixative to be skipped entirely, since after fusing laser toner is naturally water fast. Our color laser water slide decal paper is ideal for creating decals to decorate: ceramic items such as decorative plates or mugs, glass or plastic surfaces such as decorative plaques or stained glass, even painted metals or woods to offer a unique original touch to a piece of furniture. For surfaces which are not flat, but slightly curved we recommend using our Color Laser Soft Water Slide Decal Paper, its softer formula allows it to form to slightly curved substrates more effectively. To create an even more durable professional decal, consider our Color Laser Bake On Water Slide Decal Paper which can be baked in an over or microwave after application to make the decal even more durable. If you are applying your decals to dark surfaces, our White Color Laser Decal Paper will provide the white background you need to make your decals show up vividly.




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