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Soft Formula Laser Water-Slide Decal Paper

we offer water-slide decal for a wide variety of printers. Our PAS4 media works well with ALPS and other thermal Wax color printers. Our PASN media is ideal for some color laser printers for making decals to apply to contoured objects. Our PASZ media is great for newer, high heat, color laser printers.

Laser water slide decal paper.
For some color laser printers and copiers. NOT for late model HP or similar printers

"New" Soft Formula PAS paper

Model, water slide decal, new soft formula.
PAS/N Soft Formula Decal Paper

The same quality media as our PAS4 decal paper with a softer decal film which is easier to apply to contoured substrates without wrinkling the decal.

NOTE:  this paper is only recommended for color laser printers that can handle thick paper stock (160gsm+). 

Media specifications


Pre-coated Decal Paper

Size 8.5" X 11" 
Printers Minolta QMS and similar Color Laser Printers
Color Clear Satin Gloss
thickness Film .0015"  .0012mm  +/- .0002mm
thickness Paper 160 GMS
Adhesive Water Based / Gelatin
Outdoor Life Use a Liquid Urethane over-laminate for outdoor use.
Instructions Included (Soft water slide decal paper instruction page)
Tools/Material needed Water and a Decal Squeegee
Note:  Ideal for many newer color laser printers
Our PASN media can be applied to relief objects without the annoying problem of the decal forming wrinkles. Some customers have reported success even when applying this film to ball shaped objects. the use of a heat gun or hair dryer makes application a breeze, but often you can apply the film by just using your fingertips.

* this paper can be used in ALPS MD series but it is not recommended. For Alps owners we recommend the PAS/4


To Order:

To order online, please go to our new e-commerce website http://www.texascraft.com/hps/

Using the link above will take you to our e-commerce website where you can make additional selections, or order larger quantities at discount prices and finish the checkout process.


papilio color laser soft formula water slide decal paper


Papilio Aqua Slide Paper
Item PASN8511G 10 sheets 8.5" X 11"
Papilio Aqua Slide Paper
Item PASN8511KH 100 sheets 8.5" X 11"


Don't forget to order your decal squeegee

Water decal squeegee.

Rubber Decal Squeegee

Rubber Decal Squeegee 3 1/4" x 1 2"
 Item RDS314

Papilio Aqua Slide Paper is a Pre-Coated water slide Decal paper

* this paper is NOT intended ALPS MD series printers with good results due to the fact how soft the film is the color registration may be thrown off by the repeated travels of the Alps printers print head over the film.
the New PAS film is marked PAS/N.  the original Formula is PAS/4
we do have a small stock of paper that will work in the Alps printers (September 2011) please call for more info.

WARNING: When using laser media it is critical that you follow the provided instructions exactly. If not used properly poor image quality or even printer damage may result.

When testing for compatibility with your printer, always start with a "Plain Paper" setting. Never try setting such as "High Gloss" or "Transparency" without first testing for compatibility with a "Plain Paper" setting.

we accepts no responsibility for wasted material or printer damage caused by the misuse of our media.



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